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Structure of the Preserve

Crimean Republican Institution “Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen” was founded in 1997 by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, No. 124, based on the archeological landmark of local importance – the ancient Greek and Scythian settlement Kalos Limen (4th c. BC – 2nd c. AD). 

CRIHAP “Kalos Limen” includes: 

  • ancient Greek and Scythian settlement Kalos Limen (“Wonderful Harbour”), 4th group of eleven burial mounds (necropolis of Kalos Limen settlement), the archeological landmark of local importance.
  • Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye.

Since the very day of its state registration, the Preserve has been a legal entity of public law. The key activity fields of the Preserve are as follows: 

  • protection of monuments:
  • scientific research; 
  • scientific methodology;
  • cultural and educational activity; 
  • replenishment of museum collections; 
  • exhibitions; 
  • registration of collections; 
  • publishing; 
  • restoration, etc. 

In accordance with the active law, plot of land of the Preserve has the following allotted zones: 

  • preservation area – to preserve and protect the archeological landmark of local importance; 
  • exhibition area – to form stationary exhibitions and to house temporary ones; 
  • scientific area – to conduct scientific and research work; 
  • utility area – for auxiliary and utility objects and production base. 

Structure of the Preserve includes: 

  • Management; 
  • Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye (as department); 
  • Department of registration, protection and restoration; 
  • Utility department.

Staff list of the Preserve amounts 20 staff members, including scientific specialists, senior and junior scientific specialists. Among them there is Vadim Kutaysov – the senior scientific specialist, Doctor of Historical Science.