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Today, the Preserve carries out extensive educational work. Events and thematic evenings are conducted regularly. Pages of the region’s history of various times are depicted. In result of such systematic work, the Preserve possesses a big collection of thematic editions which are devoted mainly to the history of native region, history of creation and development of the preserve, history of the region throughout the Great Patriotic War, histories of those families who arrived to Chernomorskoye from various nooks of Ukraine.

Creative talents of those who visit the museum and the preserve also found a way to be presented. Since 2013, the Preserve has been publishing creative works of its visitors on pages of its website in the corresponding column. 

All interested visitors are invited to find out more about materials of our editions:

 Editions of the Preserve                                           Tarkhankut during the Great Patriotic War









Creative work of our visitors                                                      About local lore & ethnography









About archeological expeditions                                                                        Other editions