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Nature of the region

Tarkhankut Peninsula is one of the most wonderful nooks of Crimean land. This place is an astounding contrast of snow-white cliffs, vast steppe areas, and the crystal-pure sea. From year to year, uniquely beautiful nature of Tarkhankut attracts more and more people who wish to visit region of Chernomorskoye. 

Relief of Tarkhankut Peninsula, and of the whole Western Crimea, is diverse. Most part of the area is occupied by the Tarkhankut upland plain intersected by three ridges – these are the low, stretched, gently outlined, leveled uplands without any clearly visible foots, with flat slopes and slightly bulging crest tops. 

Quaintly shaped seastacks (columns of rock formed by erosion) located within the coastal area are very beautiful. These stacks are especially numerous near Atlesh and Jangul. In the coastal cliffs, the nature created wonderful grottos, niches, tunnels which add to the mysterious and unique look of the area. 

Area of Tarkhankut has no rivers, but the peninsula is abundant with ravines of different length. Most famous ravines are Greater and Smaller Kastel, Kipchak, Ozhinovaya, Ocheretay, Glyadovaya. Some of them are pretty winding and reach up to 40-50 meters in depth. 

Along the coastline of Tarkhankut Peninsula, sand beaches alternate with precipitous (up to 50-60 meters) cliffy areas. Within areas between Cape Tarkhankut and Cape Uret, one can see picturesque tiny bays with very small beaches. Some of them end with attractive grottos.