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Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye (now a department of Crimean Republican Institution “Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen”) was unveiled in 1997. 

Idea to create this museum had been around since 1960s and belongs to Alexander Shcheglov, the famous archeologist and leader of the Tarkhankut archeological expedition, who studied this region for many years. Soon, after a decision to create a museum in townlet of Chernomorskoye was approved by a decree issued by regional committee of the party and executive committee, the main tasks and goals were formed, responsible people were appointed and location for the new museum was chosen – an old maternity hospital. Simultaneously with this, a work had been started to form a thematic plan of the new exhibitions. This task was given to the staff of Yevpatoria Local Lore Museum. 

Heads of state farms (kolkhozes and sovkhozes) of Chernomorskoye region helped in construction and refurbishment of the edifice for the new museum. Great work was done to collect materials and documents for the exhibitions of the newly-created museum. Most part of the relics was donated by archeological expeditions.

Art decoration of the exhibition became a task for the Simferopol Art industrial complex. Masters of this complex – R.Marmanova and J.Gavriluyk – were responsible for art decoration. Main executives for this order were V.Shitikov and B.Nikolin, interesting and talented artists, who suggested and fulfilled the whole amount of art-decorative work, including wonderful models located in seven halls of the museum. 

Cultural and educational activity of the newly created museum was based on its exhibitions which consisted of six sections:

  • “Ancient Past of Tarkhankut”;
  • “History of Aqmeçit in the 18-19th
  • “Establishment of the Soviet Rule”;
  • “Aqmeçit during the Great Patriotic War”; 
  • “Developed Socialism”;
  • “Chernomorskoye Region Today”.

    Today exhibitions of the museum are focused on local lore and are firmly connected with nature, history, and culture of Chernomorskoye region. 

    In 2001, Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye was included into Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen” and became its department.

    The Museum astounds its visitors with great amounts of relics and its wonderful interior decorations. The Museum can be rightfully called a cultural center of Chernomorskoye region. Museum is a place where exhibitions, festivals, contests, various forms of guided tours, and other events are held constantly.