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In 2012, it was 25 years since Historical & Local Lore Museum was opened in the regional center – townlet of Chernomorskoye. Within these years, biography of the Museum witnessed several periods full of many interesting events. Basing on the numerous materials stored in collections and archive of the Preserve, one can trace every period of main milestones in history of the museum.

Today, Historical & Local Lore Museum in Chernomorskoye is not only the place where cultural legacy is preserved and knowledge base is widened, but it is also a place of meetings, discussions, rest, and new impressions. 

Staff of the museum are skillful professionals who love their job and understand that work in the museum is a service for the benefit of society. They see the sense of their everyday work not only in collection, preservation and study of museum artifacts, but also to promote these artifacts among the wide audiences of those who love history.