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CRI “Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen”

Kalos Limen Preserve

Within the area of an ancient town, there is a Republican Historical-Archeological Preserve founded to study and advertise the unique archeological landmark – ancient settlement Kalos Limen. Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen” was founded in 1997 based on the ancient archeological landmark – ancient settlement Kalos Limen (“Wonderful Harbour”).

Its foundation was enforced by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, No. 124 dated 22 April 1997. The most important event in the life of the landmark was the fact that the Decree of the Soviet of inisters of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic, No. 298 dated 19 December 1991, stipulated the protected areas of the landmark. This prevented the ancient settlement and its necropolis from being overwhelmed by real estate expansion and saved them from economical activity of the humans.

“Kalos Limen” became the fourth archeological preserve to be created in Crimea. In 2001, Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye was included into the Preserve. Thus, a uniform and logically finished historical and archeological complex was formed which encompasses areas of the ancient landmark with discovered open-air architectural and archeological relics and a museum with stationary exhibitions. 

Modern conditions of society development make us rethink mission of museum institutions. This facturged the staff of the Preserve to develop a Concept of development of CRIHAP “Kalos Limen” for 2011-2015. According to this Concept, the Preserve is oriented, first of all, towards preservation of archeological landmarks by means of including them within “Kalos Limen” and towards increase in the visitor flow which requires constant efforts and new forms of work. Another planned initiative is to reate an “open-air museum” basing on Kalos Limen landmark.

This will make it possible to advertise achievements of Ukrainian archeology in the best possible way and, as well, to tell about everyday life and household of those people who used to live in the “Wonderful Harbour”.

Constant study of historical landmarks, growth of museum’s collections, development of travel market in the Western Crimea, new social and economical conditions enable “Kalos Limen” Preserve to cooperate actively with the society and benefit it whilemfulfilling main missions of the Preserve and keeping its uniqueness. Being the only one Preserve in the region, “Kalos Limen” has all reasons for its onward development, expansion and presenting its legacy to the wide audiences of visitors.

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