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Ancient Settlement of Belyaus

This landmark is located in the North-Western Crimea, within Chernomorskoye region of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and is 1.5 km distant from village of Znamenskoye and 7 km away from liman of Lake Donuzlav – it was a mouth of the River Hipakiris which used to flow here in the antiquity and was mentioned by Ancient Greek historian Herodotus as one of the main rivers of Scythia. 

The name of the settlement derived from a Tatar natural landmark called Bel-Auz - which means “gorge-river mouth” and which was marked near the liman on old maps. This spelling was used when the settlement was for the first time mentioned in 1875 in a book published by archeologist and numismatist Platon Burachkov who explored the area. The modern name was given to the settlement by Pavel Shultz, the famous explorer of Crimea, who created an archeological map of the coastline in 1933-1934.

This settlement located on the very sea coast was founded in the last quarter of the 4th Greeks – immigrants from Chersonesus. The Greeks cultivated wheat on the fertile plain and brought the crops to Chersonesus. Main occupations of the Greeks were viticulture, cattle-breeding, hunting, and fishing. 

Originally, the settlement was a big fortified country estate with a durable rectangular many-storeyed tower (about 11 x 11 meters in size) located on one of its edges. Within a century, a complex of five joint country estates was formed. The estates were surrounded by stone walls. Along the walls, there were dwelling houses and utility rooms.