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Kalos Limen Settlement

Ancient settlement of Kalos Limen (Greek for “Wonderful Harbour”) is the biggest ancient town in Western Crimea. It was founded in the 4th and managed to keep its vital importance as harbour, trade and craft center up to the first centuries AD. Kalos Limen is one of the most valuable landmarks of Ancient Greek and Scythian culture and it was at that time mentioned by numerous ancient and medieval authors: Herodotus, Strabo, Arrian of Nicomedia and others. 

The settlement occupied a considerable area – about three hectares. Numerous antique houses and constructions, including the unique ones, survived to the present days. These are dwelling houses, barracks for soldiers, towers, partial sections of defensive walls, and the town’s citadel – a massive fortification. 

Research of the burial vaults and places revealed various vessels, decorations and jewelry, weapons which are all now presented in the exhibitions of the Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye. 

From archeological point of view, the greatest part of the town is still studied not to the full extent. However, even those sections of the town which are now excavated and studied gave vast materials on history of the region and replenished collections of the Preserve significantly.