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About Collections of the Preserve

Collections of Crimean Republican Institution “Historical-Archeological Preserve “Kalos Limen” began to be formed from the very moment when Historical & Local Lore Museum of Chernomorskoye was founded in 1987.

Beside preparation and refurbishment of the edifice for the new museum and decorative works inside it, a huge work was implemented to collect materials and documents for exhibitions of the new museum. Most part of the relics was donated by archeological expeditions – in 1933, Yevpatorian expedition of State Academy of History of Material Culture worked here supervised by Pavel Shultz.

In 1948 and 1950, Yevpatorian team of Tauro-Scythian expedition worked here (supervised by M.A.Nalivkina), and in 1959, a team of Soviet-Polish expedition operated here (supervised by M.-L. Bernhard). In 1965, partial excavations were done by Tarkhankut expedition of Chersonesus museum (supervised by Alexander Shcheglov). From 1988 onward, stationary works have been conducted by the West-Crimean expedition of the Crimean affiliate of the Institute of Archeology of National Academy of Sciences (supervised by Vadim Kutaysov). The museum’s collections were constantly replenished by materials provided by the regional council of veterans (head A.D.Kibkalov). Vast collections of materials were donated to the museum by staffs of the Management of exploration drilling and expedition team of naval underwater operation. At the moment, collections of the Preserve are divided into several preservation groups, such as: 

- Archeology; - Belongings; - Nature; - Documents; - Photographs; - Booms; - Numismatics; - Weaponry.

The most valuable and expressive collections can be defined among the others. These are stone statues, ancient crockery. Collection of ancient amphorae is really a “golden possession” of the Preserve. Of special interest are coins (ancient ones and those issued by Crimean Khanate), awards of the Great Patriotic War, letters from the front, photographs and documents.